Contact Lens CorrectionContact Lens Correction over 40

As people progress into their forties and beyond they will often become frustrated with their vision through contact lenses. The need for increased help to see small print coupled with lens discomfort will sometimes even lead people to discontinue contact lens wear altogether. Visual complaints can be made even worse for those people with astigmatism. Monovision is a common solution for this problem. This is the situation where one eye is corrected to see distance and one eye is corrected to see near. While this is still a viable option and works well for some people, it does alter a person’s depth perception and some people simply cannot adapt to this method of correction.  Recent advancements in technologies have made vision with multifocal contact lens correction more successful. With this correction typem there is a reading correction built into the lens design. Unlike bifocal glasses you do not need to look in a certain spot to make this correction work. There is usually some reduction of sharp distance vision due to the reading portion of the lens being present, however it is a much more natural vision than monovision correction. One design our office often uses is the Air Optix Aqua Multifocal lens. For more information on how the technology, works click below.