Lasik SurgeryLasik Surgery

Dr. Thomas is one of the most experienced LASIK/PRK surgeons in Ohio and has performed over 23,000 LASIK/PRK procedures since 1996.

While he was the Director of Refractive Surgery at University Hospitals of Cleveland from January 2000 until June of 2006, he lectured to and trained other surgeons on his technique and technology.

Lasik DeviceSince June of 2006 he has joined forces with LasikPlus in order to provide the most advanced technology laser vision correction in Ohio. Dr. Thomas performs laser vision correction at both LasikPlus Centers in Cleveland and Columbus. He has multiple laser platforms (Wavelight, Visx S4 and Intralase) in each office which allows him to customize your laser vision correction to best meet your eyes and visual goals. Lasikplus Logo

You can visit LasikPlus to learn more about laser vision correction.

Visian ICL / Phakic IOL

‘Phakic’ means the natural crystalline lens of the eye is left in place and a permanent internal contact lens is inserted. This technique can be used to treat a wide range of nearsightedness and farsightedness for people with very strong prescriptions or thin corneas that would disqualify them from having LASIK. Phakic IOLs are not used in cases where cataracts are present.

Visian ICL

Phakic intraocular lenses, or lenses that are inserted into the eye and work with the natural lens, have been used successfully to treat vision disorders for over 10 years. Unlike corneal refractive surgery, the Visian ICL does not alter the structure of the eye, or involve tissue removal. Instead, the lens is inserted inside of the eye and works with the eye’s natural optical system (cornea and lens) to enhance its performance. The Visian ICL requires a small opening during a short surgical procedure with an almost immediate improvement in visual acuity. This extremely quick visual recovery is one of the many reasons surgeons choose this phakic IOL technology for vision correction. While the Visian ICL is meant to be a permanent solution for vision correction, the lenses are removable should the need ever arise. This benefit makes the Visian ICL an attractive alternative to corneal-based refractive surgery.

You can learn more about Phakic IOL at Staar Surgical.