Preschool GirlPreschool Age 2 to 5

During this time children are building on the skills gained in infancy to develop new ones. Common play activities for this age group such as doing puzzles, drawing, stacking blocks and pushing or rolling toys are beneficial in the development of crucial visual skills such as visually guided eye-hand-body coordination and improvement of visual perception. Such activities should always be encouraged.

An uncorrected vision problem at this age may result in difficulty recognizing letters, shapes, colors and numbers. Conditions that contribute to these issues can be missed during routine vision screenings since they often only address a few areas of vision whereas a comprehensive examination by an eye care professional looks at all areas to detect potential deficits.

This is also often an age where problems with amblyopia can become more apparent. Amblyopia is commonly known as “lazy eye” and means the inability to see clearly out of one eye that cannot be corrected with glasses. It has a strong association with strabismus or “eye turn” but can develop without noticeable signs. It is crucial that amblyopia is caught and treated early. The best prognosis occurs when it is discovered before age six.

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Preschool Age 2 to 5